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The cloud is the future for modern SMEs and we are working every day to make this technology reliable and accessible. From the beginning, we have invested heavily in achieving this goal. We faithfully replicate your work environment on any device, ensuring flexibility, performance and reliability.

Oriso - Cloud hosting

Flexible virtualization of your environment

The versatility of our cloud hosting is unmatched. IGOcloud allows the interconnection between two cloud environments, but also with a local environment. Most applications and software usually reserved for the local network can be hosted. Depending on your needs, you can also take advantage of a partial migration to the cloud.

Cloud infrastructure of IGOcloud

IGOcloud is a complete cloud hosting. We manage the infrastructure, say goodbye to old and bulky data servers. Take advantage of the built-in backup of 15/30/45/60 days and more. No matter what happens, your data will always be accessible and safe. Your data is hosted in Quebec with a fixed price and a network proximity that ensures fast and stable communication between servers.

Your self-service access portal

Your cloud hosting solution should not complicate your life. With IGOcloudYou can manage your entire infrastructure. Add or remove users, applications and access rights without being dependent on a system administrator or team IGOcloud. Track your users' activities for maximum security.

Ideal for virtual and hybrid work

Expand your talent pool with a global recruiting solution through our cloud hosting platform. Give your employees the flexibility to work from anywhere and on any device with our virtual office technology. Whether your employees are at home, in remote or urban areas, IGOcloud works and is reliable with a very fast internet connection as well as a slow connection (rural area).

Disaster recovery

Simplify your disaster recovery plan with our intuitive multi-site solution. Benefit from a turnkey implementation and migration of your cloud hosting, which is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses with few IT staff. Data transfer, user creation, backup configuration... everything will be taken care of by our experts. Training and after-sales support are included.

White label - reseller program

Increase your revenue with a turnkey white label solution from Oriso! You will get your own link and homepage to manage all your customers and set your own pricing. Take advantage of sales and post-sales support to maximize your success as a reseller or software publisher.

Customized virtual hosting solution for your work environment (PaaS)

Save time and focus on your business while we manage your entire server configuration. Free yourself from hosting worries with our PaaS solution for optimal performance of your remote office. Discover the benefits of custom hosting for your business with IGOcloud.

Virtual hosting solution (IaaS)

You no longer need to pay for expensive servers or storage. Choose our Cloud IaaS hosting solution to optimize your work environment without the burden of hardware.

MS 365 Solution

Maximize your business efficiency with the Microsoft 365 solution. Simplify collaboration with your colleagues and enjoy superior security to protect your business data.

Security solutions and integrity of your cloud data

IGOcloud protects the integrity of your data by ensuring a high level of security. The integrity of your information is paramount to us. Have peace of mind, you are working to perpetuate your business and we ensure the protection of your data.